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chromasia.comIt was years ago when I first discovered Chromasia, the website of UK photographer David Nightingale. It soon became one of my favorite photo sites, primarily because of his photo blog, which showed off not only his photography skills, but most impressively, his post-processing techniques.

I have, on occasion, been accused of being a bit of a photo hoarder. There’s an element of truth there, but most of that impression stems from the amount of time that tends to lapse between me pressing the shutter, and actually releasing the resulting picture into the world. Many non-photographers are surprised at how much time I spend in post-processing, but learning to effectively edit and process photos is what started to push my photography to the next level.

What separates David from other photographers and photo bloggers is not only his skill, but how willing he is to teach others his techniques. All of his photos include EXIF information, which can be an invaluable learning tool for photographers. In addition, a newer feature of his photo blog is the inclusion of the original photo, without any processing applied, which is revealed via a mouseover. This is not only informational, but inspirational in showing you just what is possible in terms of taking a good photo and turning it into a great one.

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