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Pinned by BorrowLenses!'s Travel Photos Pinterest Board

Last week, BorrowLenses tweeted that they were looking for travel photos to feature on their blog or Pinterest board. I’m pretty proud of this photo I took in Tanzania last year, so I replied with a link to it.

Today they tweeted a link to the blog post, and I was initially disappointed to see that my elephant photo wasn’t in the post, but when I clicked the link to the Pinterest board at the bottom of post, I scrolled down to see my photo there! As first I figured that they were just nice and pinned every photo they received, but according to the blog post, they chose “59 awesome examples” from “hundreds of responses on our Facebook, Twitter, and G+ pages”! Sweet!

Check it out!

(In a related note, I have used BorrowLenses before and they are awesome! Pretty much any piece of photo equipment you could want for really reasonable rental prices, and they have awesome customer service. And as proof that I’m not just saying this because they featured my photos, here’s a Yelp review I wrote in 2009.)

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